Silver Driving School

Car crashes are the #1 cause of death for 16-year olds. Silver Driving School uses innovative techniques to ensure that what is learned is remembered and used when needed the most. We instill the importance of respecting the vehicle and explain the functions and tools available in the car to make driving safer. Whether you are planning on getting your license or looking to refresh your driving skills, you will experience success with Silver Driving School.


Silver Driving Innovations

Silver Driving Innovations helps organizations start and improve driver training and safety programs and is committed to providing an excellent alternative to other traditional truck driving schools. We are focused towards on-site training and evaluations for fleet organizations.
Services Silver Driving Innovations brings high-quality services to you, in hopes of saving your company time and expense. Delivering these unique services to your business location allows you, the employer, an opportunity to witness first-hand the superior quality of Silver Driving Innovations.